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    Lightning Bond Hi-Tech Adhesive© 20gm Kit

    Great for all household and professional projects. Slower setting, Includes filler, Versatile, with a 3 yr No Dry-Up Guarantee.

    Lightning Bond Hi-Tech Adhesive© is our most versatile adhesive.  Lightning Bond Hi-Tech Adhesive© is our industrial grade adhesive for home users that will bond like or dissimilar materials quickly.  Lightning Bond Hi-Tech Adhesive© works great on its own!  No matter your need around the house or business, use Lightning Bond Hi-Tech Adhesive© for household, automotive, electrical, aviation, auto body, optical, manufacturing, HVAC, modeling and more. 

    Reinforce your bond with the included Lightning Bond Filler© for an even stronger bond.  You can machine the bond immediately and paint it once the odor disappears.

    • Slower Setting: Allows you more positioning time
    • Includes Filler: Fill cracks and chips, and reinforce joints
    • Versatile: Works all around the house, auto, plumbing as well as modelling
    • No Dry-Up Guarantee: 3 Year guaranteed shelf life*

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