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Explore Lightning Bond

Lightning bond glue has many uses around the home and business.

Lightning Bond has been used in the Fishing / Boating Industry / Auto repair / Auto Body repair / Craft market / Model Train industry and many more for as long as we have been producing it for over 16 years...Lightning Bond is used in the Kayak Industry, Fishing Rod industry or for R & D because you can immediately machine our Instant Epoxy bond anyway you wish once the filler & Adhesive are applied to each other. Our instant epoxy welder bonds to materials just as fast as you add glue to filler or filler to glue [Instantly] NO MIXING... It is also paintable within a few hours. Many Rod builders and other industries and hobbyists just use our Lightning Bond liquid by itself because of strength, clear drying, flexibility, low odor & of course no dry up benefit of being able to leave it open while working on projects without much degradation.

Kayak Repair

Kayak repair

1.) Off the water, all you do is scuff up the poly on both inside and bottom side with some medium to fine grit sandpaper and rub down good with acetone (only) and into the slit to remove dirt and let dry for 15 minutes so the acetone leaches off completely. (use an old toothbrush if needed)
2.) Place preferred cellophane tape,duck tape or any tape over slit / void on bottom / outside of hull and flip over and now sprinkle our Lightning Bond (white/red label) filler powder into the slit inside the kayak/canoe and rub your finger on it to make sure it's completely filled in the slit or gap.
3.) Now, let (Yellow Liquid label) drip on all powder until it is cured instantly.
4.) Again, sprinkle some more powder filler onto what you just cured until it turns to white powder again and drip some more (Yellow liquid label) onto the white powder and it is now welded instantly. Make sure you use enough LBond Glue to cure the Filler each layer.
5.) Flip over yak and put a layer on the outside of your Yak’s hull if need be after inspecting it.

Do this method as much as needed to repair the damaged area(s). If off shore you can launch to get back to having fun quickly and of course giving it a few minutes wouldn't hurt but that is how FAST our product cures... Note: If you cannot access the inside of your Yak, you’ll have to start on one edge and build up Lightning Bond’s Epoxy System (aforementioned) to reach the other repair point to repair your Yak. You will use more product but as I have experienced doing repairs over the years it works to get the job done. If adding rod holders and cleats to polyethylene Kayaks using Both Lightning Liquid & Filler Powder, it is like welding [without melting] those rod holders on your Kayak without drilling holes into it. Heating always weakens plastics on all plastic substrates not limited to Yaks. Lightning Bond welds on a molecular level. You can also repair stripped out self-tapping threads in under 10 minutes in any material.

Jet Ski Repair

Jet Ski repairJet Ski 2 repair

Repairing a Kawasaki original Jet Ski propulsion bladder... ($266.00 replacement) It took a while but we got it in around 35 minutes.. It was the flimsiest plastic I've run across in years doing repairs. Almost like a white milk carton plastic... My friend an Ace mechanic was even amazed we welded it.

Loose Chair Leg

Chair leg repair

The loose chair leg repair is instantly repaired in approximately 8 minutes with filler and glue. I might add you can sit on immediately. For not so loose components just use Glue for woods.

Impervious to all water types and petroleum products. It really doesn't get the attention it deserves in the Marine & Fishing Industry to use to repair/mend any type of gas tank with fuel in the tank. All you need to do is tilt the fuel tank to get the gas away from the repair area. Clean, brush off debris around repair area using acetone with a rag. Let stand for a few minutes. Now add liquid first and then sprinkle on our powder and then always cure with the liquid Lightning bond last for the final cure. Put caps back on, no waiting just set machine or tank you’re working on up right and continue to use it. It’s quick, easy and can make the difference in saving money for sure. Repairs ABS radiators.

As you can see in the photo collage with PVC, red hose, brass hose cap, and ABS, rain-bird lawn irrigation sprinkler fitting that this product will weld dissimilar materials instantly within 1/2 a second everything you put in front of it excluding dupont’s teflon and silicone which they offer an expensive kit for...Dissimilar materials are no match for Lightning Bond.

* Lighting Bond Glue [ liquid ] will be around for a long time depending on your storage habits so other repairs may be used with just the liquid like for woods with [ just liquid only ] resizing drive belts [ they remain flexible ], O rings, shoes, flip flops, ceramics, china, pvc, abs, rubber products, woods, tail light lens, sunglasses, Glass, terracotta, fiberglass, metals, luran, graphites and many other substrates in commercial environs and home. It's a must have Multi-Purpose tool for handymen, antique shops, mechanics, Marina's, Tackle Stores and RV dealerships and manufacturers for back-end repairs and the like.. Does not expand nor contract in adverse temperatures.

After many years of doing countless different consumer shows over the years such as, Car shows, RV, Boat & Fishing shows, home shows, NHRA events, air shows, hunting shows, fairs, model train shows, fire/rescue shows, antique shows and more, we have a great retail & wholesale customer base. Our adhesives are better served to you in the long run because they bond effortlessly and don't dry up after 1 or 2 uses and will be around much longer than the lesser quality [ OTC ] over the counter brands.

Other uses: It is used in the electrical, optical, watch, plastics, business machines, aviation, dental, and tool manufacturing industries. The no dry up feature is a Plus and dries Clear and speaks of the quality of our American Made distilled Adhesives.

* 3 Year Shelf Life Guarantee *. No company in the industry will put it in writing on our packaging for you but US...

We’ve covered just some of Lightning Bond’s applications and it’s up to you to try it for yourselves and companies. Give us a call so we can also schedule an appointment with your company to demonstrate you how easy Lightning Bond is to use.

Lightning Bond Glue is available in 3 sizes.


Lightning Bond Kits

Lightning Bond Kits come with the Lightning Bond Glue of your choice in size and Lightning Filler for reinforcing the bond joint to make it even stronger.

Lightning Bond Accessories

When you have a bonding joint that you need to bond very quickly, use Lightning Blast Accelerator. Maybe because you ran out of hands and can't hold the 2 pieces stable long enough. You can spray or brush it on depending on needs. Check out the FAQ for usage instructions.

Also, when you have the need for a finer tips for your project check out the medium and fine tips for Lightning Bond. Also available are replacement tips

Lightning Filler is also available individually for your needs.

Combination Packs

Got projects all around the house? Get one of our combo packs that includes Dr. Mike’s Model N’ Crafter's Glue©, a 10gm, 20gm or 50gm size of Lightning Bond Hi-Tech Adhesive©, and Lightning Bond Filler©. These combo packs will work with everything around the house and business from crafts and hobbies to industrial equipment and everything in between.