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Dr. Mike’s Model N’ Crafters Glue© is THE high strength and quick setting super glue to help you get your projects done. Dr. Mike’s is a new technology cyanoacrylate adhesive, or CA glue, that is refined with no additives, stabilizers or other impurities. Without all the impurities and additives, Dr. Mike’s Glues won’t get thick or dry out like all the other super glues you have tried, guaranteed. Dr. Mike’s Model N’ Crafters Glue© will bond most materials quickly and easily, including: plastic, Delrin, styrene, metals, PVC, ABS, card stock, rubber, glass, resins, and more.  And, Dr. Mike’s Model N’ Crafters Glue© doesn't get chalky or frost clear plastics, great for model airplane canopies and the like.

There are many brands of CA adhesives on the market. Many have been on the market, unchanged, for a very long time. Dr. Mike's glues are all new technology glues, that we continue to improve. These are not the same old cyanoacrylates, re-branded, like most others in the market. We designed our adhesives using the latest chemical knowledge to make adhesives that will actually bond, the way you want, on the materials you need. And, many modelers tout that our adhesives don't dry up in 1 to 4 uses like other CA glues do. It's our method of distillation that really separates us from over the counter brands to produce the purest CA's in the world.

There are 3 Dr. Mike's Model N’ Crafters glues© available:

Dr. Mike's Model-n' Crafter's Glue© a thin viscosity that allows it to flow into the joints you are bonding; Dr. Mike's Model-n' Crafter's Glue #2© a medium viscosity glue a little thicker than Dr. Mike's original and not as thick as Brush-On; and Dr. Mike's Model-n' Crafter's Glue© - Brush the thickest viscosity odorless gel that is foam safe, gap filling and yet still wicks into the joint.


And, you get peace of mind with our Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee and the only written "No Dry Up" guarantee in the industry of 8 months for all Dr. Mike's Model N’ Crafters Glues©.

If you have a lot of uses for Dr. Mike’s Model N’ Crafters Glue© or Dr. Mike’s Model N’ Crafters Glue #2©, or have a group of friends interested, take advantage of our Buy 3 and get 1 FREE bundles!

When you have a bonding joint that you need to bond very quickly, use Lightning Blast Accelerator. Maybe because you ran out of hands and can't hold the 2 pieces stable long enough. You can spray or brush it on depending on needs. Check out the FAQ for usage instructions.

Also, when you have the need for a finer, more precise, tip for your project check out Dr. Mike's Extender Tips - Fine. These tips work on Dr. Mike's Model N' Crafters Glue© and Dr. Mike's Model N' Crafters Glue #2©.

Got projects all around the house? Get one of our combo packs that includes Dr. Mike’s Model N’ Crafter's Glue©, a 10gm, 20gm or 50gm size of Lightning Bond Hi-Tech Adhesive©, and Lightning Bond Filler©. These combo packs will work with everything around the house and business from crafts and hobbies to industrial equipment and everything in between.