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Welcome guests to our website, and thank you for joining us to explore, within these pages, the finest made adhesives and accessories.

Many times we're asked what makes your glue so special?  The difference is in the distillation process that keeps our adhesives the purest manufactured glues in the world. NO added stabilizers, gases, or inert ingredients, that all the other glues have, and that is what makes our products unique in the world.  We wanted to deliver not only products that last for months, or even years, after you open them, but products that actually bond as designed on virtually all materials.  Let's face it, there is no one product made in the world that will bond everything, but by using our product range you can tackle just about anything.

Thank you for checking out Dr. Mike's adhesives!


Mike Rice
Innovative Promotions, LLC

"Thank You and Let's Stick Together"

*We guarantee all of our Lightning Bond and Dr. Mike's Model-n' Crafters Glue to bond and not dry up under the No Dry Up Guarantee listed with each product.

As seen at Greenberg Shows, GATS, The Great Scale Model Train Shows, TCA (Train Collector Show) and many local Club shows and displays.