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Dr. Mike's Glues are great for all your modeling, hobby and crafting needs. Available in 3 viscosities to fit all your needs.

All Dr. Mike's Glues have an 8 month 'No Dry Up' Guarantee

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Lightning Bond Glue is perfect around the house, garage, and business. Works for household, auto, machinery, industrial, marine, jewelry and more!

Lightning Bond Glue has a 3 year 'No Dry Up' Guarantee

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Why choose Dr. Mike's and Lightning Bond Glues?

The purest,
new technology glues

Not the same rebranded glues you see everywhere else

Bonds more materials
than other adhesives

Two glues that will bond virtually any materials

The only glues with a
'No Dry-up' Guarantee

Guaranteed to not dry up within 8 months or 3 years*
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