Lightning Bond And Dr. Mike’s Model-’n Crafter’s Glue

by Harold Ord, Popular Communications


Review Article

We’ve highlighted Lightning Bond here before, and got so many calls and letters that we decided it was time to check ’em out again.  These two adhesives have extremely long shelf lives after they are opened. They meet all modeler’s needs as they bond everything,  including brass, pewter (white metal), delrin, styrene, wood, rubber, polys, leather, glass, resins, and other products that store and carry petroleum commodities.

Lightning Bond is a new high-tech adhesive that works almost like anaerobics, which means it works on lack of oxygen to bond. It has a three-year shelf life if taken care of. It’s packaged with a bottle of filler, which is used to reinforce joints and for repairs to replace a missing part, to fill in a hole, etc. This fantastic product is machineable within minutes.

Dr. Mike’s Model-’n Crafter’s Glue has many applications in the shack and around the home. It can be used to bond plastic and other products. It’s perfect for railroad modelers as it can bond Grandt delrin couplers and handrails to styrene, along with woods like pine, mahogany, and many others used for modeling, crafting, and antique repairs. I’ve used it extensively with the filler to glue a small coax balun to a Cubex quad antenna, repaired an outdoor ground-level lamp, and an old classic transistor radio knob.

Lightning Bond’s shelf life after opening is three years with storage temperatures of 65 degrees F or less, and Dr. Mike’s has an eight-plus month shelf life after opening kept at or near the same temperature. Refrigeration to extend shelf life is fine for either, but not necessary if just kept cool and out of sun, like all adhesives. You can leave either glue open all day long and neither will dry out.

Mike Rice, President of Innovative Promotions, LLC, markets these adhesives via mail and at some major train shows and other types of events (including some hamfests!). His website at makes it easier for you to purchase anytime. He’s also been marketing Lightning Bond, which retails for $15 for a 10-gram bottle kit with filler and $20 for a 20-gram kit. Dr. Mike’s retails for $11.95 for a 14.2-gram (half-ounce) bottle. While they may seem pricey, when you consider that most folks buy a $5 bottle of regular super-type CA adhesive every couple of months, these adhesives last for eight months to three years and are, therefore, quite reasonable. The accelerator is $6.95 for two fluid ounces.