Dr. Mike's Model-n' Crafter's Glue - Brush

Dr. Mike's Model-n' Crafter's Glue - Brush


1/2 oz Bottle with Brush Applicator


Dr. Mike’s Model N’ Crafters Glue with a brush applicator.  This is a medium viscosity cyanoacrylate adhesive, or CA glue, that is also gap filling yet still wicks into the joint you are bonding.  Dr. Mike's Model N' Crafters Glue Brush-On is still all new technology cyanoacrylate glue and won’t get thick or dry out like other super glues on the market, guaranteed.  Dr. Mike’s Model N’ Crafters Glue Brush-On is great on plastic and won't fog clear plastic like airplane canopies.  Brush-On Glue bonds most materials including: plastic, Delrin, styrene, metals, PVC, ABS, card stock, rubber, glass, resins, and more.  Dr. Mike's Brush On also works on open-cell foam too!

  • Slower Setting: Glue sets a little slower to give you more time positioning
  • Medium Viscosity: Fills gaps and still flows into the joint you're bonding
  • Bonds most materials: Plastic, Delrin, Styrene, Metal, Resin, Wood, Foam and more!
  • No Dry-Up Guarantee: 8 month guaranteed shelf life*

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