Dr. Mike's Model-n' Crafter's Glue

Dr. Mike's Model-n' Crafter's Glue


1/2 oz Bottle

Dr. Mike’s Model N’ Crafters Glue is THE high strength and quick setting super glue to help you get your projects done. Dr. Mike’s is a new technology cyanoacrylate adhesive, or CA glue, that is refined with no additives, stabilizers or other impurities. The glue has a thin viscosity that allows it to flow into the joints you are bonding. Also, without all the impurities and additives, Dr. Mike’s Glue won’t get thick or dry out like all the other super glues you have tried, guaranteed. Dr. Mike’s Model N’ Crafters Glue will bond most materials quickly and easily, including: plastic, Delrin, styrene, metals, PVC, ABS, card stock, rubber, glass, resins, and more.  And, Dr. Mike’s Model N’ Crafters Glue doesn't get chalky or frost clear plastics, great for model airplane canopies and the like.

  • Quick Setting: Dries quickly to get your project done faster
  • Thin Viscosity: Flows into the joint you are bonding using less glue and less excess
  • Bonds most materials: Plastic, Delrin, Styrene, Metals, Resins, Woods and more!
  • No Dry-Up Guarantee: 8 month guaranteed shelf life*

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